How should hospitals handle ransomware demands? Philips and lnvivox also provide training for this!

Interview of Julien Delpech, co-funder Invivox

by Astrid Patin, Health Journalist.June 18, 2019


Astrid Patin: Invivox is the 1st international platform devoted to medical training - does your partnership with Philips' Medical Training Institute (MTI, Institut de Formation Médical) open up new horizons?

Julien Delpech: Yes, Invivox was initially developed around surgical training in operating rooms, but medical training has a much broader and ever-changing scope of applications, evidenced by our new partnership and training modules on cybersecurity or artificial intelligence, which encourage healthcare institutions to receive training in new health issues.

In addition, continuing education has become compulsory throughout one's career - especially so in cutting edge professions such as Healthcare. Continuing education is mandatory for doctors, but also involves hospital directors and senior staff.

AP- International medical equipment manufacturers or pharmaceutical labs have their own training centers, but is it difficult for them to draw attention to their training modules?

JD: From the point of view of a healthcare professional looking for specific training, we can draw a parallel with the time when didn't yet exist, and you'd have to check ten different hotels to compare prices and choose a place. The same was true for continuing education: before Invivox, not a single site listed a range of training offers.

"Should I hire a radiologist or an artificial intelligence expert?"

AP - What is the advantage for big groups to outsource the promotional and organizational aspects of their training offer?

 JD: Invivox brings together two key advantages: our knowledge of the healthcare world, thanks to our managers, who have been working in this field for 20 years, as well as our digital approach to promoting training modules, which in 2018, saw Invivox train 4,700 healthcare professionals, 90% of whom were from other countries.

AP - How does this partnership recognize how far Invivox has come since the startup was launched in 2016?

JD: As early as 2016, we started engaging with big university hospitals to offer trainings, and later with training centers that provided high-quality teachings in fields that were of particular interest to healthcare professionals (robotic surgery, interventional and non-invasive procedures). Now, we remain focused on quality training, while including industry offerings that correspond to today's major challenges. Would a hospital director be prepared to reply to a ransomware demand, as is currently the case in Philadelphia? Clearly, right now the answer is "No." Philips is offering a course on Invivox to anticipate this type of risk.

AP - How does Invivox help its partners gain better visibility and return on investment on their training modules?

JD: It comes down to my booking analogy again! Invivox is becoming a reference as a platform devoted to continuing education for healthcare professionals, guaranteeing worldwide visibility for all the training modules that are listed on the Invivox website. For example, you can find echocardiography courses by Prof. Lafitte in Bordeaux, as well as modules in the same field by Prof. Nurgül Keser, at the Cardiology Training Center in Istanbul's university hospital. Invivox makes training accessible to the whole world, with the best experts in their fields.

AP - What will this partner offer Invivox?

JD: Philips thinks about current health issues and proposes adapted training. Our partnership will add credibility to our range of training modules and will broaden possibilities for the future.


AP - Healthcare training is also affected by digitalization... What are the keys to providing attractive training?

JD: It's more important than ever to be both curious and humble. Curiosity to understand the current boom and associated risks, and humility to continually prepare for technological advances that are constantly outrunning us.

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