Invivox joins Microsoft for Startups program

Invivox reinforces its ambition in knowledge sharing between healthcare professionals, joins Microsoft for Startups program 

Invivox, a french startup, and one of the leaders in knowledge sharing in the world of healthcare, has joined the Microsoft for Startups program. This is a real step forward for Invivox which will give it the opportunity to accelerate its footprint and increase its notoriety. 

Following the crisis, Invivox has expanded its model towards the digitalization of training for healthcare professionals. With more than 44,000 people trained by 2020, Invivox continues to deploy its solution to facilitate continuing medical education and diffuse knowledge and experience among healthcare professionals.  

"Invivox's leadership position in knowledge sharing between healthcare professionals requires partnerships with key players in the digital environment. Joining the Microsoft for Startups program is part of our strategy to increase our skills in order to reach more and more healthcare professionals in France and around the world", says Julien Delpech, Invivox CEO. 

Invivox has now joined the startups program and has access to numerous tools such as an Azure database service (Mysql, NoSQL, Redis), Linux virtual machines, container instances, and data migration services. In addition to the technical aspect, the program allows Invivox to be part of a real ecosystem full of opportunities.

David Weinachter, CTO at Invivox explains: "We believe that joining the Microsoft for Startups program will help us to grow and achieve the ambitious milestones we have set for ourselves. We need to provide reliable environments for our developers, and Microsoft’s catalog of services, which is just a click away, allows us to calmly consider scaling up. Being able to have high value-added services focused on machine learning or video streaming is a real asset and gives us fantastic perspectives!"

An integration that is both technical and commercial, which provides Invivox with Microsoft tools and a team of technical experts to bring us key advantages. But also, that will allow it to reach new customers and markets through regular contact with Microsoft customers seeking innovation and new business solutions. 


About Invivox 

Invivox is the leading global platform in France for knowledge sharing between healthcare professionals, which responds to the constant need of healthcare professionals to access training and continuous quality medical information. The COVID-19 crisis has accentuated this need and accelerated the development of a complete Invivox blended learning offer that intelligently combines face-to-face training (medical "companionship") and distance learning (webinars, virtual classes, e-learning) to allow worldwide professionals to train effectively. Created in 2016, Invivox is a Bordeaux-based startup, financed by the ISAI and Patient Autonomy Funds (BPI France), founded by Julien Delpech and Patxi Ospital. Invivox has 34 employees, all based in France. 


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