Acceleration at Invivox: IRCAD is counting on us to give worldwide visibility to all their courses

IRCAD, the international institute for the training of surgeons established in Strasbourg in 1994, and Bordeaux-based startup INVIVOX, a platform that provides global visibility to healthcare professional training programs, have announced the signing of a partnership contract which will highlight the visibility of IRCAD courses.
"Over the years, we have become a worldwide reference for minimally invasive surgical training. In 2018, our Strasbourg center welcomed over 6,200 surgeons, trained by an exceptional team of 640 expert surgeons in their given specialties. IRCAD’s international prestige led to the opening of twin training institutes in Taiwan, followed by the state of Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, the Lebanon, with institutes soon to open in Rwanda and China. Partnering with Invivox, a stakeholder in new technologies, is a wonderful opportunity that will give more visibility to our course offer - explained Prof. Jacques Marescaux, IRCAD founder."

Having a opened a brand-new 2,200 m2 building devoted to surgical robotics, IRCAD will soon be boasting two surgical robotics platforms. IRCAD’s ambition is to position itself as the worldwide reference center for surgical robotics training and research.

Ircad courses:

17 to 19 October 2019
17 to 19 October 2019Laparoscopic Digestive SurgeryDigestive surgery
24 & 25 October 2019
24 & 25 October 2019Obstructive Sleep Apnea Upper Airway SurgeryOtolaryngology (ENT)
28 to 20 October 2019
28 to 20 October 2019New Insights in Prolapse Surgery - Vaginal and Laparoscopic RoutesGynecology and Obstetrics
Received all Ircad's courses
"Medical training for surgeons is a global challenge. The Ma Santé 2020 law, adopted by French members of parliament last March, is a concrete example of this. It enshrines the principle of physicians having to re-certify their skills. IRCAD has 25 years of experience in this field; our institute offers training programs that combine live procedures, hands-on instruction and workshops with experts, in order to teach new techniques that are adapted to the needs of surgeons in the operating room - added Dr. Bernard d’Allemagne, IRCAD head of teaching."

In 2000, to make its courses available internationally, IRCAD had already created the WeBSurg virtual university for minimally invasive surgery. Becoming the leading site for on-line education for minimally invasive surgery, it is now translated into 7 languages, is entirely free, and has 380,000 users.

“Our collaboration with IRCAD marks an important step in the development and international credibility of Invivox. We are very proud to be able to add the wealth and quality of training programs offered by IRCAD-Strasbourg to our existing catalog of Invivox training modules,” adds Julien Delpech, co-founder of the Invivox platform.

An ambassador of French excellence, IRCAD aims to train more surgeons in Strasbourg or international IRCAD centers to improve surgical practices.

Why did Ircad choose Invivox?

About IRCAD :

IRCAD was founded in 1994 by Prof. Jacques Marescaux at the University Hospital of Strasbourg. For 25 years, the Institute has been training surgeons from around the world in the latest minimally invasive surgical techniques. Meeting the standards of prestigious international scholarly associations (i.e., the American College of Surgeons, the American Medical Association…), in 2018, IRCAD seminars attracted 6,200 surgeons from 116 different nationalities. Most of its courses have received European and American accreditations and qualify for continuing education credits.

Contacts IRCAD : Marie Obringer - 03 88 11 90 08 -

About Invivox :

Created in 2016, French startup Invivox compiles presential training for healthcare professionals. Invivox helps facilitate the sharing and transmission of health-related knowledge, democratizing access to leading experts around the world. To meet the challenges of training and skills management that will be mandatory for all healthcare professionals pursuant to the French Ma Santé 2022 law, Invivox has also been offering E-learning training modules since June 2019, further consolidating its ambition to become a key global player in medical training.

To view all IRCAD Masterclasses on Invivox, visit:

Contacts Invivox : Julien Delpech - 07 68 50 91 88 - 

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